I have severe Fibromyalgia and have been taking 4-6 tabs of Hydrocodone 10mg for approx 4 years. I have recently been prescribed Avinza which I have not yet taken. I am directed to take it at bedtime, however I am nervous because I know it depresses respirations. How is that going to play out with my sleep apnea? My sleep study a year ago indicated that I have 59 apneic episodes per hour. I do have a CPAP at my bedside but as of yet have not been able to sleep with it because the pressure setting it too high. My current doc continues to say that the setting is appropriate?? I'm still in search of a doc to help me with a new order to lower the settings. Am I being overly nervous about taking the Avinza? The Vicodin just isn't helping anymore and I am in so much pain, especially in the mornings when I have gone the longest without medication.