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Is it safe to take a 2 mg xanax after i've taken a 10 mg methadone?

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Inactive 31 Dec 2010

You should never take benzos with methadone, it increases your risk of CBS respritory failure. Although I did on 90mg. But I also suffered heart issues not uncommon when you combine the two. I had prolonged QT's, could have caused sudden cardiac arrest.
But you must taper slowly off the benzos. I am now one of the few survivors of methadone withdrawal. It was literally hell on earth. Then PAWS sets in after the physical withdrawal. It's worst then the physical, you lose your mind and energy for months.
I thought methadone was the answer to my problems, it became my problem and nearly killed me.
If you can get off do it now, it only gets harder the longer you are on. God Bless and Good Luck. Sable
ust taper slowly off the benzos.

babysobluexx 14 Jun 2011

I have been on 85 mg of Methadone for 1 `1/2 years as well as xanax. I take my xanax every day as prescribed at bedtime with absolutely no bad effects. That's just me, but I don't see a problem with it.

pamela p 17 Aug 2017

Are you going to a clinic or doctor? From what I see this is very dangerous. Clinic's don't allow this. I see my friend nodding every day. I'm afraid for their life. free discount card

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