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Is it safe to take 400 mg pink chewable amoxicillin past the expiration date?

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Inactive 26 Sep 2010

No it is not safe, do not take them, and dispose of them safely.

They lose their effectiveness and can become toxic.

Take care.

bacterial 27 Sep 2010

Hi MsPB74 Are these some tablets you have left over from a previous infection? You shouldn't take antibiotics unless they are prescribed by a doctor for an infection, in which case you will then be issued with an up to date course of medication. Why have you been left with out of date meds, did you not complete the course of antibiotics? You should really complete any course of antibiotics even if you are feeling better, as the infection can return if not. You would be well advised to go back to your doctor, see if you need any more antibiotics (you may not) and meantime, take your old meds back to the pharmacy for them to dispose of. Best wishes for your health. bacterial

caringsonbj 23 Jul 2011

taking an antibiotic after the expiration date can cause problems, first of all to start out unless a physician tells you otherwise you should always take all the prescribed antibiotic, another thing taking that antibiotic at another time especially once it has expired may render the drug to be ineffective and even if not you might not have bacteria that is susceptible to your current infection or type of bacteria and you could end up with more problems in the end. Please consult your doctor concerning a new problem and be sure you are getting the correct treatment. free discount card

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