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Is it safe to take 10 mlg of methadone every 3 hours?

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BRRMARS 6 May 2011

It is I take 30 mg every 4 hrs so 10 every 3hrs seems allright to me.

abby1234 6 May 2011


abby1234 6 May 2011


LaurieShay 6 May 2011

Yep it is safe. The usual adult dose for pain: oral: 2.5 to 10 mg every 3 to 12 hours.

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Inactive 6 May 2011

Is this how your doctor has prescribed you to take it? My husband takes 3 - 10mg it 6 AM & 3 -10mg at 6PM... Mary63009

linda0982000 7 May 2011

Wow. Those doses are close! The closest i've known of for pain was every six hours. But that is 30 mgs, plus another opiate for breakthrough pain. And they did raise her to 40 for a while after that, still every six hours. But that was being on it for years with a high tolerance. Poor lady is having to try something supposedly stronger now. Always keep in mind, the more you take and more often you take it, the less effective it becomes in the long run. Try to keep that tolerance down. You can always save the extras for those really bad days

Marzano1717 9 May 2011

ya thats not a very high does but then again some people are very fragile to methadone. some people take 20 or 30 mg of methadone and can be throwing up all day. what works really well is a promethazine mixed with the methadone. it takes away any throwing up and any kind of head ache it works GREAT. free discount card

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