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Is it safe to skip taking ritalin la on the weekends?

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Inactive 13 Jan 2012

Hello Nichole03. I'd stick to the way that the drug was prescribed by your doctor. Drugs such as Ritalin (CNS) are meant to be taken on a daily basis. Its difficult on your system when its stopped abruptly. You might ask your doctor to confirm or get her/his opinion. Best of wishes,pledge

Nichole03 13 Jan 2012

Doctor did say it was okay to skip on the weekends I was just kind of wondering what other people or parents do. Thank you for your answer!

Inactive 13 Jan 2012

Very good, you're welcome. Have a great weekend.

Nichole03 13 Jan 2012

Thanks! Same to you!

ddog12 13 Jan 2012

If i were you i would take the ritalin as prescribed by the doctor unless other wise ordered !

cetteferge 14 Jan 2012

Hi Nichole - It looks like you've found you're answer. Just wanted to add that my son was diagnosed with ADHD, and the Dr. said that there were several ADHD drugs, the immediate release stimulants particularly, that were okay to skip for the weekends and/or for summers when out of school, if the Dr. okays it. It was nice to take the break for my son. Ritalin is unlike certain other meds that one must titrate on and off of because it doesn't need to build up in the blood stream. Many kids do this... Good luck! free discount card

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