I've had an ongoing battle with depression for years. I was on Celexa for about a year, years ago, and found that it helped a little, but was still suffering mild symptoms. Haven't taken it long enough since then to get a result. So I just dealt with the way I was feeling, the anxiety, the loss of interest, the constant fatigue. But I found out I was pregnant after Halloween and worried constantly about the effects my moods would have on my baby. I find my job emotionally stressful and had a meltdown and had to call my doctor to find someone to call and talk to. I am now taking 2 weeks of stress leave, and my doctor has prescribed me Effexor since the citalopram didn't work as well as I needed. I've been researching the subject, but all I could find was women who had been taking it for some time BEFORE they became pregnant, but I will just be starting this regime, so I'm still in the dark. Has anyone else had this same situation or know the effects??