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Is it safe that I give my baby every night liquid tylenol from age 6 months, he is 11 months now?

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Anonymous 9 Aug 2010

Why have you been giving your baby tylenol from six months to 11 months of age? This is not safe! Tylenol can cause liver damage.
Did a pediatrician advise you to do this?

Rajive Goel 9 Aug 2010

Sweetlemon, I was just about to ask the same questions, thanks.

Anonymous 10 Aug 2010

Good answer seewtymelon!

lindagail1965 9 Aug 2010

NO... give your baby only what the doctor says this young age

christineATU 9 Aug 2010

I agree with sweetlemons concern. Is this something suggested by the pediatrician? Is the baby ill? Acetaminophen is not good for the liver. Especially when given over a long period of time. The very young and elderly are more susceptible to negative effects of certain medications. My gut instinct says, "No, it is not safe." Maybe if you could give more detail, there may be alternatives to Tylenol on a daily basis.

My best wishes,

Anonymous 10 Aug 2010

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