I am 24 years old and am off and on having a very painful leg s. pasm upon waking when I move the leg the slightest bit. I wake up screaming and the pain is excrutiating and more apparent afterwards if I extend the leg straight. My leg hurts for the rest of the day, a less intense soreness that causes me to limp. Someone told me about baclofen for the spasms and ultram for the pain, as they said it is affective but they are taking them to treat a different diagnosis. This spasm doesn't happen all the time but often enough to do something about it. Would a low dose of these two be helpful? The side/adverse effects seem scary. I don't take any other medications, as I don't really like to take anything, not even over-the-counter stuff unless I really need to. My husband suggested ayurvedic treatment and doesn't really like the idea of me taking medication, especially since we want to get pregnant. Alothough I'm worried about taking the med while trying to conceive, I can't stand the pain.