I first started to feel unwell with no temperature I was placed on Augmentin 1000mg my health problem became immune to Augmentin.
I too most likly have a bacterial infection as I have no temperature, feeling totaly unwell with each day passing it getting so bad, thinking I will die. I am put on Cipro 750mg tabs one a day. Doctores unable to diagnose the problem. I have been on Cipro 750mg for over eighteen months.
Each time I stop taking Cipro within 5-10 days I am so unwell I think I will die, and I am not exaggerating. I have to go back on taking Cipro 750mg.
It seems if and when I eat I get light syptoms of the unwell feeling along side having a dull headache at the back of my head with-in a short time it clears depending on the amount of food that I have had to eat. But if I dont take the Cipro, with time the unwell feeling along side the headache gets so agressive I think I will die. I have been told taking the Cipro stops the blood test from showing any problems.
Can any one help or give advice to what test I should take to diagnose my problem.

Question two: Taking Chipro 750mg does not kill the bacteria but keeps it at bay all though the syptoms became immune to Augmentin taking Augmentin a couple of hours after taking Cipro would they then the Augmentin become active again and kill off the bacteria.