I have been diagnosed to have c.o.p.d., however it is not advanced. When my doctor listens to my lungs he said they sound good. I have done the pulminary tests (where you do different breathing tests into a tube), and that has turned out normal. I also have an anxiety disorder, panic. So I know the c.o.p.d. and the anxiety make it really hard to breathe normally. I'm on two inhalers... sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. At times my chest is really tight but I can still get a deep breath. Sometimes when my chest is tight it gets better like maybe when the sun goes down , or a specific time like that. I read that allergies can cause tightness in the chest, causing asthma, therefore making it hard to breathe. I always seem to be congested, my ears pop open and shut, I have to clear my throat sometimes. Sorry to be gross, but sometimes pleghm will come up, but not so bad I have to spit it out. I have also had surgery for acid reflux. My PCP said that if the acid reflux is acting up again, it can make it hard to breathe. I'm sorry, I don't know the "extremely long" name for the surgery I had, but basically the doctor went in and tied my stomach around my esophegus to keep the acid from rising. My PCP said smoking can cause this to open up some, and that allows acid to rise. UGH... I'm a walking hot mess. Are there any doctors here on the site? Or anyone who can help?? Thanks so much.