The answer for me is YES. Eight weeks ago I was laying in ICU hooked up to life support while my husband paced the narrow, brightly lit halls wondering if he might be faced with "the decision". My condition, as grave as it was, led me to a lifesaving meeting and subsequent appointment with the psychiatrist who has put Humpy Dumpty back together again through the right medications and access to a handful of extremely capable therapists. Initially, I wondered how a mixture of Geodon, Trileptal, Pristique, and Ritalin could possibly put all the pieces, some were even broken, in the right places without making me feel "medicated". I started the medicinal cocktail 3 x daily and rounded everything out with therapy and have re-discovered myself & my marriage. It's so easy to be discouraged when things aren't right and seem to be slipping south, but hopefully, if you stick it out, all the ends are tied up and the path clears. It took a sludgy eight weeks for me; I'm sure I'll experience some lows, but there just can't be anything comparable to being told why your throat is so sore, or why your chest is bruised. I'll never re-visit that 16 minutes again.