Hi y'all,
I had to leave work tonight because I was feeling lightheaded, having cramps in the back my right thigh, lower back pain, rapid heartbeat (I think). I had taken a Mobic earlier in the afternoon, then started my menstrual cycle, got cramps and taken 2 advil. This feels like the Mobic interacting with the Advil. I was ordered to cease taking the .5 mg. of klonopin by a new doctor recently. I'm having a hard time with that too. I'm sorry this ramble is so confusing, but I'm not at my best. My question is 2-fold: First, how long does it take to detox off of klonipin? For the last 3 weeks I've been taking .5 mg every night, but prior to that, for the past year or so, I had been taking 1 mg. per night. The second question is what would the side effects be if what I'm feeling is an interaction between the Mobic and the Advil? (Or just more side effects from withdrawing from the klonipin)

And yes, I can't believe the doctor wouldn't let me taper it.