that is already beyond repair? Before I had my accident and broke my back (shattered L-1 and broke L-2 in to 4-5 pieces), I had been under the care of a spine surgeon and pain specialist for a bad disc. The L-4 L-5 was torn, leaking, totally black on the MRI. I had put off surgery. Then I had the accident and for obvious reasons, ignored the bad disc. A few months ago I did something that blew out what was left of the bad disc. Due to problems with the hardware and major muscle loss, I need to have part or all the hardware removed. The vertebrates are almost fully healed. The question is, if I work through the pain to try and build up muscle in my back, can further damage be done to a disc that's already beyond repair? I lost my insurance 2 weeks prior to my accident. Has anyone had a bad disc improve with building up the back muscles? Any suggestions on at home physical therapy?