... REAL???
I have had TRD and MDD with near constant suicide ideation for at least 35 years. Tried all SSRIs and SSNRIs, Lthium, Serequol, Lamictal. Within the past 4 years 2 suicide attempts (1 leading to intensive care and both to the psyc ward YUK!) Approx 3 weeks ago started slipping into intense and increasingly hopeless dark despair and my suicide ideation was at its most seductive. ABILIFY IS A MIRACLE DRUG! :) Just 2 days into Abilify w/prozac and I WANT to LIVE, I have HOPE, I even felt JOY yesterday! If this is the placebo effect I'm ok w/that... There is LIGHT in my life. If I gain weight, SO WHAT, I'll take being fat and happy over hopeless and suicidal any day! :) 9/08/11: added 2mg Abilify to my 20mg Prozac only side effect so far is JOY! :)