So I've been tossing back and forth about using suboxone for detox again, because last year this time I had used it just as the doctor had ordered and at the end of my detox I didn't feel well or sleep for almost a week straight. However after many failed attempts at other ways of quitting opiates at home.. Self meth taper, cold turkey.. Percocet weening. I am left with it as a last option. My doc was H and I was using about 8 bags a day for a few months than because my goal was to stop and if I was going to use the evil subs I wanted to be on the lowest dose possible, so I switched to percocet for four days or so prior to starting suboxone. This was a very hard switch. I had to take about 40 mil of perc to barely stay straight and within three to four hours after taking one my skin would be covered in goosebumps sweat and I would yawn and tear like crazy. And I barely slept. So today I took my last perc at 1 in the afternoon at work by the time I left work at five I was in withdrawl. I waited until eight and then did what I had seen someone suggest and microdosed. Took my 2 m tab and cut the half of a half in half and took it..after forty five minutes I didn't feel worse so I took another microdose..waited another hour ,didn't feel worse but actually felt like I could eat dinner! I know it is recommended that you wait 12 to 24 hours or some say longer but I have a high metabolism..tolerance..and my body clearly told me it had gone through what I'd given it. I ended up using the whole half of the 2 for a total of 1 m.. But I'm shocked to say after a couple of hours a lot of patience..I have little to no symptoms..its now about one in the morning. I laid down to sleep and although I no longer have sweats, yawns, tearing or goose flesh..I feel a little restlessness in my legs and difficulty sleeping so I took the other 1 m. I actually took it as I was typing this so I don't know how ill feel but I'm guessing It will be all I need for some sleep and exactly 12 hours from last perc I've taken 2m and I pretty much feel one hundred percent. What does this mean for me tomorrow? Do I stay at 2? Go higher and then come lower? If I stay at 2 how do I taper off such a small amount? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I don't want a repeat of last sub experience. I'd have been better of cold turkey but I followed docs orders and suffered greatly with a starting dose almost 6 times what I just took.. Hoping for the clean life, mary