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Is it okay to take a Darvocet and Zanaflex together?

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roses2 10 Jun 2010

Ask your Doctor or pharmacist ... I took Percocet with various muscle relaxers with no problem.

mfpdfibro 10 Jun 2010

I would say yes and that you would feel the most relief by taking them together. However, you should always ask your doctor and maybe check to see if their are any complications posted (on this site) by taking the two together. I used to always take a Soma with a Vicodin to get the most relief from painful muscle spasms. I hope this helps!

Rajive Goel 11 Jun 2010

Checked it on the Drug Interactions Checker and this was reported:

propoxyphene ↔ tizanidine

Applies to: Darvocet A500 (acetaminophen/propoxyphene), Zanaflex (tizanidine)

mfpdfibro 12 Jun 2010

Well I have read a bunch of those contradictions and basically if you are not opiate tolerant those things listed could very well happen. If you are given Darvocet then you probably are not opiate tolerate, so please do call your doctor or nurse. Remember what they write in the contradiction section are the worse case scenario, things that they have to print to cover themselves. Were the medications prescribed together by the same physician, for the same problem/issue you are having? Call back and ask the prescribing doctor or his/her nurse. You don't want to NOT take them together if you are supposed to and you also do NOT want to take them together if you are NOT supposed to. Your prescribing doctors office will be the ones to know and trust regarding this issue. The people on this site do not know your history like your physician does. Good Luck!!

GrandmaSmith57 22 Sep 2011

Wasn't Darvocet taken off the market recently??? Please be careful that you're not using an old prescription for the Darvocet. From what I understand, Darvocet is NOT to be used at all. Please speak to your pharmacist or to your doctor. free discount card

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