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Is it okay to drink alcohol while taking doxycycline?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Can I drink Alcohol/Beer while taking Doxycycline Nyclate?

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Inactive 13 Oct 2011

Hello nickki. I did some reading up on your question and found out that, and this holds true for most antibiotics and alcohol, that the doxycycline, leaves your body much faster. So say as an example, you took a pill of a antibiotic and instead of working (only an example my own numbers) for 10 hours, it will work for 5 hours, in others words alcohol weakens the antibiotic, through the fact that it leaves your body sooner, so its no longer working to full capacity. So, drinking the alcohol will defeat the purpose of taking the antibiotic, in this case being wishes to you.

Inactive 13 Oct 2011

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