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Is it ok to take oxycodone and a stool softner/laxative at the same time?

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21 Dec 2010

Yes it is.

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bnagoh 21 Dec 2010

Thank you for your answer! I will now take softners cause I take opana and oxycodone and I have been going very infrequently but when I went ouch! Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Anonymous 21 Dec 2010

Hi Bertram,
Where ya been guy? You've been missed around here!!! Happy Holidays to you my friend!

christineATU 21 Dec 2010

Same here, we have missed you!

21 Dec 2010

As my good friend Sweet Lemon said, it is safe to take. You might want to drink one cup of warm prune juice at bedtime too. It's more natural and you won't have any cramping. Many people who have chronic pain, become addicted to laxatives. Be safe and eat lots of greens too!

Best wishes,

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Sacosam 22 Dec 2010

how abbout a few yellows some oranges , greys, browns , a half dozen reds , and lots of tans... Sacosam

christineATU 22 Dec 2010

I guess so, but doesn't sound very tasty! lol.

8 Sep 2011

No it will make You poop but... can cause bowel obstruction as well as twisted bowel and Parvo. Be careful girl.

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