I've been taking Risperidone and Buspirone for two days now and on the bottle it says to take one pill twice a day, but that's just not possible with the side effects. I thought I could get passed it, but these side effects have been screwing me up and ruining my day (I can barely keep my eyes open during the day and I get plenty of sleep). It's also increased my tics to the point where I can't take it anymore and I've always considered my tics managable. I've noticed that when I take my second dose of the day at night before I go to bed I wake up without feeling any side effects, so I'm thinking that if I take one pill a day of each once a day at night that maybe I won't have to suffer from the side effects and once my body is used to the medication I can take the medication as prescribed again. Is this OK to do? It's got to the point where it's either do this, or drop the medication because I can't stand the side effects.