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Is it ok to take cymbalta with zololt?

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Anonymousone 24 Mar 2011

Very good question on top of the page of this website there is an interactions checker just enter what you take and it should give you all the info you need no problem.

LaurieShay 24 Mar 2011

Hey bennie,

The interactions between these two medications is serious as stated in the following:

sertraline ↔ duloxetine
Applies to: Zoloft (sertraline), Cymbalta (duloxetine)

DaniGan 24 Mar 2011

I've been taking them together for years and have never had a problem. According to my pharmacist, there are no negative interactions between the two medications. Of course, you can always had a side effect so watch out for those. If you have any of the side effects, stop taking the medication and see your doctor.

Fibro5077 25 Mar 2011

I personally would be afraid to take them together because they both, by themselves are powerful anti depressants. I would take either one of them with Abilify or Lamictal because these drugs are designed to work with and improve the performance of your anti depressant..They both help stabilize mood. I would not take anything without consulting a licensed psychiatrist.

duckworthy 31 Mar 2011

Hi, Bennie -

I've actuallly been prescribed both Cymbalta and Zoloft over the years, but never simultaneously, so I can't comment on personal experience I've had with potential interactions with the two. But thus far, you've gotten some really great advice from those who have already responded to your question. I would just like to add one important note: You need to ask your doctor who is prescribing the two drugs, assuming it is the same doctor who is doing this. If this is not the case, however, you need to discuss the situation with BOTH the doctor prescribing (or about to prescribe) Cymbalta, AND the doctor prescribing (or about to prescribe) Zoloft. For an added measure of safety/peace of mind, also take the matter up with a trusted pharmacist, as was suggested by another respondent.

Inactive 19 Jan 2017

I have been taking Zoloft-50mg since 2004. Started 10 days ago Cymbalta-30mg-went to Dr today-needed my Zoloft back. He said to take both. The Cymbalta for me is wonderful for "Nerve Pain ". I was reluctant to take both for I also take Benzodiazepines for anxiety & another for sleep with 2 different pain meds(Opama-10×2&Norco7.5x2). I go back in 7 days to have my blood pressure check for I'm on high blood meds as well. I have to trust my Dr with my health. I feel fine. If I don't I'm to call.I like the Zoloft for depression & the Cymbalta for the nerve pain in both legs.Hopefully, ALL will be Great. free discount card

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