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Is it ok to take a medication after the expired date? If not Why?

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Thor283 29 Dec 2011

I'd say for the most part yes it is. But sometimes it matters depending on what drug it is. I once read that the Tetracycline family of antibiotics can't be taken after the expiration date because they become poisonous. But I'm not sure of that.

It also depends how far past the expiration date you're talking about. A few months is usually nothing to worry about, but longer than that and the drug starts to lose potency. So if it's a psychoactive drug, especially a SSRI drug, taking a weakened version of the drug may not be effective at all.

You should have named the drug you mean.

Inactive 29 Dec 2011

I have heard depending on the drug, it can lose it's potency or it might change it chimical makeup & be actually stronger, but the reverse is usually true...

Rajive Goel 29 Dec 2011

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