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Is it o.k. to take suboxone and soma together and drive the same day?

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mitjason 13 Jan 2010

If you feel like you should be driving you should be fine. If you're tired and sluggish I wouldn't drive. It all depends on how you feel while on those medications. Hope this helps!

hellonwheels 13 Jan 2010

I am addicted to somas as well as many other pills. When I started taking Suboxone I would still get somas and take them to. I have a VERY high tolerance to Soma's I could take 30-40 pills per day with my Oxycotin. Any way I thought I could function fine and usually if I took 20 I could. Why risk it? If you dont know if you are ok, dont do it! Wait and take the soma when u get home. If u get in an accident and hurt someone else , could you live with that?? Please dont take them and drive, they are muscle relaxers. My point is when I take pills, I think I am OK and I act the same, I dont. It is common sense. I dont mean to be harsh but if you dont know, you prob. shouldnt.

mitjason 13 Jan 2010

I agree with that as well. It's better to be safe than sorry. You can also ask someone you know if they think the drugs are effecting you i.e.; You look tired to them, you mix your words, you act confused to them etc.. That will give you a baseline on if it's safer not to drive. Good luck and be safe! free discount card

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