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Is it normally for a doctor to give you Tramadol with a refill for stomach pain?

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ramdom 13 Nov 2010

Yep. It's a centrally acting opioid analgesic and it's unlikely to cause any gastric problems that other NSAIDs might. It's also nonscheduled in the US I believe and considered to have a relatively low abuse potential (though dependence and addiction can occur). In some countries, it's over the counter.

I research the substances listed.

questing 14 Nov 2010

Yes, I have spasms through my eophogus, and this drug has quickly acted to dull that pain, I think it's temperary, but helpful. I was doubling up in pain before. Now I feel the spasms , but it's not so sharp.

pharmasight 14 Nov 2010

Tramadol is an opioid derivative, so there is a risk for constipation. So, use for a short duration and maintain good "toilet hygiene" (increased fluid intake..etc). free discount card

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