I have had panic attacks my entire life but only been diagnosed with panic disorder and ocd within the last 5 years. My doctor put me on prozac 20 mg and I took that for 4 years and felt great and thought I could be weaned off it and I was. But then about a year later had the worst panic attack ever and started taking 20mg of prozac once again. I had side effects for about 2 weeks like, weight lose, nervousness and the fear of suicide, now let me stress it was only the fear of losing control, like I was afraid it (the prozac) would not work and I would go CRAZY and be capable of doing horrible things. But this was not the case. Just recently through the holidays I suffered two more panic attacks and freaked out that the prozac was not working for me anymore, and I was doomed! My therapist and my doctor agreed to put me on 40mg to help level things out. I have been taking it for about a week and I am suffering from the 'fear" again. I would not ever hurt myself or anyone, but I can not get the fear of going CRAZY and losing control out of my head. So my question is... Has anyone ever felt this way after increasing their anti-depressant medication? And how long did it take to feel "normal" again. I have been having the worst time with the thought constantly coming back again and again, The "what if" thoughts are horrible. I am not this type of person and frankly it scares the heck out of me! Thank you in advance for your help.