I've always struggled with anxiety and ocd and was on Celexa 7 years ago for about 4 years and it worked for me. I was trying a more alternative approach and used 5-HTP for about a year, but I've been having crazy thoughts and extreme panic attacks so I got back on Celexa. Started on 10mg and for the first few days, my ocd was a lot worse, then I was great for about 3 days, then woke up at 4am and have been in a state of anxiety for the majority of the time. I've been having crazy, bad thoughts and don't know why... things I would never do. I'm just afraid that it won't work and afraid nothing will work. Plus, I really struggle with having to be on meds. I hate it that I have to take something, I'm afraid of losing myself. When I got off of Lexapro a year ago, I felt like I had woke up from a dream and I was myself again.
I just don't want that to happen again. If anyone has any advice or encouragement for me, please send it... I could use some. Thanks.