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Is it normal to go two months with out getting a menstrual cycle when taking birth control?

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tofugoddess79 28 Jul 2010

It's happened to me a few times. I'm not sure which one you're taking, but the last one I was on I think I had one regular period, 6 weeks without, then a regular one, 2 months without, then I switched brands and it was the same problem... 2 months without, them I'd get a regular one, the 3 months without. Very irritating being that I was on it to REGULATE me.

But, it depends on how regular you have been taking your pills and if you have been sexually active. If you are afraid at all that you are missing because you skipped a pill or 2, or you had sex and maybe your other meds made the birth control less effective, then I would go take a test or have your Dr. give you one. I am on Topamax and I know that drastically reduces the effectiveness of birth control. free discount card

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