I started taking Lexapro10mg for about a week then my new doc switched me to cymbalta (I chaged docs because the doc who was filling in for my doc refused to put me back on the effexor er that I had taked for years and stopped taking to see if I was preety much back to where I didn't need to take it anymore any way her fill in refused to give me anything at first she wanted me to wait 8 weeks to see if my depression and anxiety were from my thyroid after 4-5 weeks I could not talk it any longer and called her she gave me lexapro which I had usded in the past and it didn't work for me she wouldd not give me anything else and told me if I didn't like the Lexapro then I should see a psychiatrist. So needless to say this is why I switched docs. I have taken 7 days of 30mg cymcalta and now on my 4th day of 60mg. I am still waking up with anxiety for which I take 1mg of ativan when my doc wants me to d/c as soon as possible and I still have low energy. I don't feel like doing the things I love to do and I am still experiencing some obsessing. Are these symptoms ones that I must be patient with until the cymbalta is fully loaded into my brain and my chemical inbalance reaches a level that will even my sytomptons out and I will start feeling better. I know everybody is different but anyone know how long this process takes before you feel yourself again. I would appreciate any help anyone can give..I have also read that sometimes other meds are added like wellbutrin to help with some of the anxiety that isn't resolved by taking the cymbalta alone