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Is it normal for someone to be given 300tablets of oxycotin 30mg extended release, every month?

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Inactive 25 Mar 2011

NO, that is not normal, this person would probably be in excrutiating pain to be given that much, 90 to 100 per month would even be alot, not unheard of but alot.

LaurieShay 25 Mar 2011

Hey pikes peak,

The dosage of oxycontin is generally based on the opoid tolerance of the individual. The 300 tablets of oxycontin would be a total of 10 a day which would be 300 mgs a day. The general maximum dose of oxycontin extended release is two a day or a total of 160 mgs. So they are taking a high dose of oxycontin. Have they been on opiates for a long time? Is the doctor prescribing 10 a day? I would seriously doubt it especially since it is extended release.

Hope this helps,


caringsonbj 25 Mar 2011

I would say that in the state in which I live if my pharmacist got a prescription with the order of 30mg oxycontin #300 my pharmacist would have a immediate telephone conversation with the doctor, the only exception that I can think of is proof that the patient had a documented reason and had been on opiates which can tend to cause tolerance the longer you are taking them but then my pharmacist would talk with the prescribing physician.

IhearttheOcean 26 Mar 2011

That would make no sense. If they really need that much, it would make much more sense to give them 150 60mg pills. Theres no need to be taking 10 ER pills in a day, a normal doctor would just up the dosage per pill so you wouldnt be taking pills all day long, plus would cost less and certainly would look less suspicious to the pharmacy and DEA. free discount card

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