Hi everyone..today is day 48 since I jumped off sub @ 1mg..I have been fine as far as W/Ds..they were worse at day 7 or 8 thru 14 or 15 from what I recall. I didn't keep a dairy or a journal and should have... oh well, but I have little or NO w/ds and slight PAWS, headache improved with accupunture..but what is NOT fair is the LOW energy levels..I think I am doing everything I can..exercise, I have a raw food diet and Vegan, and I try to stay positive..but what CAN I do about these low energy levels and HOW long do I have to wait for them to return to normal??(if I even know what normal is after 10 plus years of opiate use and subs)Patience may A@@! lol
I have NO motivation and I FORCE myself to run..my body was doing all those miles whilst on sub, etc..why can't I do the mileage?? WIll I EVER run a marathon again?? I am barly getting 6-8 miles in! I am having a really hard time here..anything else I can do to improve low energy??? Supplements? I thought and fought off a BAD desire to take just ONE pill today just for the run! But I didn't do it(btw hubby has a stash and HE has been taking them..I can count..NOT FAIR..HELP?
thanks for your time
ps Don't worry I really have no desire to relapse,,just sayin...