My last visit with my dermatologist was on 10/22/09. I asked my doctor if he had a stronger oral medication I can take? He told me to take Zyrtec twice a day for pain
of my shingles rash. I tried it one day but I still had alot of back pain and switched back to taking the (Benadryl allergy pills, 3 times per day, every 6 hrs. for pain relief.) My doctor doesn't know I made this change in my medication. Also, I was using the (Biafine cream twice a day per my doctor's request), but (I had a stinging sensation from applying it twice a day) so I switched to using the Biafine cream every other day only after I take a shower it is less painful for me when my skin is moist than dry.
Also, using the Lidex cream to put on the inflammation on my back. My doctor doesn't know that I have made some changes to my medication.