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Is it more effective to take celexa in the am or before sleep?(only 10 to start and contain a situa?

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Inactive 18 Jun 2010

Celexa is available in tablet and liquid forms. Take either formulation once a day, in the morning or evening, with or without food. Although your depression will begin to lift in 1 to 4 weeks, you should continue taking Celexa regularly. It takes several months for the medication to yield its full benefits.

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cheersrichard 19 Jun 2010

im sorry know one has been able to help with this one , probably no one at this time has experienced this at this week and online, i HAVE TRIED MANY ANTI DEPRESSANTS OVER THE YEARS MOSTLY A LONG(sorry bumped the caps lock lol he he) time ago under a gp and psychatritst, I would always ask them if you camn so they know what your doing but i can give you hope in that some work better at night and some better in morn and some even you can have half at night and half in the morn, so there is some hope of flexability, but make sure you let them no as a saftey thing as they no what time you may take other meds and you have the right to ask and be involved in the plan , your idea 's are valid and you know your vbody and how it reacts but they know the medicins so as ateam hope fully you can start feeling some relief, and it will come, little tip which works for me alot is when i get up i make sure i see as much sun light as possible and get up at the same tim3e, ( is used to make the mistake if wearing sunglasses first thing as my eyes hurt and id get anxiety but, its only short term and you get used to it and you can wear sun glasses later on if you can get out to use some more energy up so you will more likely sleeep or at least enjoy resting in bed) I also tried the melatonin 2mg slow release tablet to gert my routine and got 21 tablets but i dont use them every night as im scared i will get used to having them , they are not addictive but the mind is a funny thing. I hope things pick up i hate the pain of depression, your doing well seeing the doctor , seeking help and trying to network, keep hanging out on this site, ill be away for a few weeks but theres some great people here that can lift you, and i have no doubt you will have some experience you could help others with :) let us know:)

christineATU 19 Jun 2010

Hi cheersrichaard. I am so happy you're leaving and so sad you're leaving. That's the thing about anti-depressants, no one knows for sure what works best, when to take them, side effects, etc. It really is a trial and error sort of thing. But what I do know is they need time to build up in the brain until they reach maximum effect. Only then can the doc tell if you need an increase, decrease, or change all together. Personally, when I was on Effexor, I had to take them in the morning as I would get a little wired. Most people said it made them tired, no sir, not me! But then again, no one ever said I was normal. free discount card

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