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Is it legal to mail order pain medications from Canada?

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mpvt 28 Feb 2010

depends what the are... All in all not a good idea...

Delila 28 Feb 2010

If they are prescription meds then no. I almost got caught doing something similar and i had no idea how harsh the consequences could be!! Involving courts, fines and in severe circumstances prison time! I have never done it since!

subzero58 28 Feb 2010

NO! can u say mail fraud, or how about interstate transportation, so much legal aggravation, international laws,not to mention u could be buying bootleg products.

asaria 2 Mar 2010

Licensed pharmacies in Canada meet stringent standards for safe dispensing practices which require you to provide your original prescription even for pain medications. A valid prescription written by a licensed physician is required when ordering medications from a legitimate Canadian pharmacy online. For additional considerations go to

Under the laws of our dispensing pharmacies in most countries, this is completely legal; from a US perspective, the reality is that millions of Americans have purchased (and continue to purchase) medications from Canadian and other international sources without problems or interference by U.S. authorities. The official U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) position is that re-importing U.S. prescription drugs originally manufactured in the United States or importing medications made in other countries could violate US laws. In fact, however, the U.S. free discount card

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