... Pre-signed by the doc? I haven't seen the doc in 4 yrs. No exams, no mri's, no med changes. When nurse called doc in because I still had pain, he couldn't remember why I was on the specific med, nor what all was wrong-i've been going there for about a decade 1/month. I asked to see the doc - "he's too busy" said the receptionist. I asked the doc and he said "i'm very busy". So now he changed my meds, down 80 mgs/day-all because he couldn't remember. He just threw up his hands and walked out of the room and asked the nurse (2 years graduated) - been at clinic for about 3 months - "to handle it". He never said he was taking me down; acted like he couldn't believe he would have done that, ya ya ya. So now, am suffering. Doesn't he bear some responsibility towards the patient? What can I do? I hope I can find another doc before next month because I cannot go without this 12 hour medication i've been on-unchanged-for 4 yrs and i'd prefer not to darken his doorstep again!