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Is it harmful to smoke marijuana or cigarettes while taking ADDERALL?

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jk13 6 May 2011

I'd ask your doctor. You'd be surprised as to how accepted marijuana is as a general. My gut reaction is that the two should be fine, but the honest truth is that I just don't know, and there maybe some inhibition of the Adderall effects if both drugs use the same nuro-pathways, basically blocking one or the other out a bit.

Normally I would say that your asking a question that doesn't belong on this site, after all, the USA has marijuana as an illegal substance, regardless of state law. I however do believe that pot should be legalized. The amount of money that could be generated due to taxation of the drug would be a very big help to the country. Oh well, the government is not known to admit that they are wrong. Actually, the entire war on drugs needs to be ended - the harm vs. help ratio doesn't make any sense whatsoever. The amount of money spent on innocent people in prison due to drug charges is pure idiocy. If the government actually cared about the problem of addiction, they'd put an end to the money spent on stopping the drug trade, tax it, make sure that there is quality control, and would put the money saved it into publicly funded rehab centers as well as health care reforms. They need to understand that addiction is a disease and not a weakness. If anyone really wanted to get some crystal meth, crack, heroin/opiates, they could get them with ease, especially in urban areas.

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puckiemull 6 May 2011

I understand that addiction is a disease,But Jeff why would legalising crystal meth,crack or herion help anyone when it just destroys people??

jk13 6 May 2011

I suppose that my response my seem a bit odd, but when you actually examine the war on drugs with a very open mind analytically, it simply doesn't make any sense. This "war" has been going on for decades now, and is a "war" that we are simply not winning. Billions of dollars are spent on this cause in order to make neighborhoods "safe", when in fact, it is the primary cause of so much gang violence. The primary source of drugs is usually sold by gangs and is the primary source of their income. If drugs where made legal, this aspect of gang violence would stop. I'm not saying that it would completely stop all violence (addicts will still need money, wont be able to hold down a job, etc.), but it certainly would put a very severe damper on the lifestyle of gangs. I'm sure that they'd figure out another money making scheme, but even the Mob eventually went onto selling drugs when alcohol became legalized.

christineATU 6 May 2011

Hi Jeff! It's been too long. Your analysis has always made sense to me. I support your opinions 100% Hope things are improving for you. If there's anything I can do to help, do not hesitate to ask. That's what friends are for.

Take care,

puckiemull 6 May 2011

Yes Jeff i see your point now,i was'nt getting the whole picture when i read your post earlier,excuse my ignorance and i agree with what you're saying,it makes complete sense.
Along the lines of what people are cutting their drugs to make more of a profit for their own behalf but risking others lives by what they're throwing into the mix.
Where i'm from going back last month there was a drout on herion for a couple of weeks so the place was crawling with users desperate for something.In the end they accepted a bad batch and there was 6 deaths due to the quality of the herion plus whatever was in it so yes i see what you mean now.
Thanks for explaing,if people are caught up in this disease and going to use,they might aswell use carefully and know what they are taking.
Thanks for sharing the knowledge,well explained free discount card

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