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Is it hard to keep a job with bipolar disorder?

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Inactive 24 Jul 2010

Hi, I am also BP, and yes it is hard... like all things in life.

But sometimes for us is harder due to our mood swings, irritabilty , going throw a manic or depressive state, so yes if it is hard for regular folks, it does sometimes get harder for us.

As you know there is no cure for BP, but with the right medications we can be productive individuals.

But you never must give up to our have to fight it ,be stronger, learn to control yourself, when you at are at the office focuse and concentrate on what you must do, do not lose faith in yourself... even for regular people it is hard to keep a job.

And do not forget to take your meds... very important!

Always think possitive, I know it is hard I am 41 male and yes sometimes for me it is also hard to do my job... but I do it anyway... so if I can do it so can you.

All the best.

Inactive 24 Jul 2010

Yes and no it depends on the severity of your bipolar diorder.

mialee 26 Jul 2010

I agree it depends on the severity of the illness and how committed you are to make it work. But it is sometimes difficult and out of the patient's reach to stay focussed and make it work.

I must admit it is very difficult for myself but I keep trying and look at the long-run. I mean, my resume is thicker than a phone book, who can beat that professional experience! ;)

Inactive 27 Jul 2010

yes I think it is, but there is other reasons too, of why bipolar is hard to work. Sometimes the medications that they give you to treat the bipolar, you get side effects like sleepiness. I basicly fell asleep at work. Or the groggyness. I hope yours can be treated that you can work with the illness. Since your concentrating on your job the thoughts of the bipolar goes away:)

Inactive 27 Jul 2010

I definantly agree i had trouble keeping my job cause my somas so even sometimes it can be just medication that you take that can keep you from keeping a job! Oh sorry didnt explain why the somas kicked me out of my job i always sounded drunk to the customers they would tell my boss that i was slurring my words. free discount card

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