frequency and pain? The neurologist has me taking 100 mg Topamax and 25 mg amitriptyline to "prevent" migraines. However, I do not think that the amitriptyline really has much of an affect one way or the other because when I ran out of that med and was only taking the Topamax for about a week and a half I still felt the same. I also take Axert to manage the pain when I do have a migraine because OTC medications (tylenol, advil, etc) do not work. Hydrocodone does not even help when I am having a really bad migraine headache. My migraines are different than most because light, sound, and movement do not bother me unless it is really excessive (like my kids running through the house screaming at the top of their lungs or the sun shining directly in my eyes for a long period of time). However, the pain is so severe at the back of my head between my ears that it hurts to lay my head down on my pillow. So I am wondering if this is why the doctor has me taking both the topamax and the amitriptyline for prevention and the axert for pain or if it is because that is what my pcp originally put me on before I was checked for migraines. When I have asked the doctor all I am told is to notify her if my symptoms change. I do not get a direct answer as to why all the meds.Any thoughts or suggestions?