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Lyrica - Is it common to experience dementia type symptoms after taking only 75mg dose for 3 months?

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Rajive Goel 15 Sep 2011

Could you please mention 75mg of what med? Thanks

mezzy 15 Sep 2011

Sorry mate it was 75mg Lyrica cheers

smnslyr 13 Oct 2011

i too began having problems with memory and the inability to remember words to the point that i became concerned. i had no idea this could happen. i want to have contact with those who experience this type problem. i am not drowsy or anything that would be confused with sedation type symptoms. just forgetting what i'm saying, having to look up words on google because i can't remember them to continue emailing ect. i have been frightened. i have been on lyrica since approximately january 2011, and take 100mg twice daily and occ 50-75 during the day. i have fairly severe pain, and feel unable to come down off this dose

rwm46 12 Mar 2014

I am experiencing these same problems, plus sedation and horrible headache, am taking 50mg. am and 50pm. Only been on it three days and don't know if I will continue due to all this. Anxiety is worse instead of better, feel derealization, have stuffy nose and as you said trouble with spelling and remembering. Thanks free discount card

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