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Is it common for drug testing to show false-positives?

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Marvell 14 Nov 2010

There are a few medicines which may show up as false positives for illicit drugs. If you have any particular medicine you specifically want to know about please add as a comment and I'll see if I can find information for you.

bensmother 14 Nov 2010

My husband tested positive for morphine and that is not a drug he takes.What can he do to prove otherwise if this happens again? Thanks

rosita93landa 17 May 2011

aleve,acetaminophen,zantac,alkselter,anhydrous citric,analgesic,sodium bicarbonate,buspirone,

ecnal99508 24 Apr 2013

I tested positive for morphine and I don't take anything like that. how can I prove that???

rftn10 19 May 2013

Some meds show false positives however further gcms will exonerate him.

rftn10 23 May 2013

False positives do occur however they are not as common as you think. Millions of people get drug tested. If the company is using a FDA approved lab , than the chances are remote a positive will occur.

Forenzics 6 Jul 2014

I know this is old but figured it may help anyway. I am a toxicologist or certifying scientist, meaning I review all results at my lab and decipher whether they are positive or neg for a certain drug and or steroid. False positives are not common but do happen more then we would like. There are two things you need to understand, one is if you received a false pos or false neg tell your doc and get the urine tested again immediately. All labs will do his for free as you are contesting their original results. Labs run test on multiple specimens at once therefore it is very possible to have contamination and/ or carry over at the instrument. For the purposes of this question we can call it all contamination. It can be contaminated in extraction or at the instrument. Of it happens at the instrument it is very possible that your sample could be right after a sample that has a really high positive for a drug and will be carried over into your sample producing a low positive.

Forenzics 6 Jul 2014

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