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Is it can or not use foundation and powder at the same time to protect from sunburn?

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datahamster 13 Feb 2011

Yes, definitely, and it's a very good thing to do. I would refer you also to, Paula Begouns' site? she answers a million
questions there on beauty and skin care, and she's honest too.

ashareena 17 Feb 2011

really? so glad to hear that..thanks yea... ^_^

Inactive 13 Feb 2011

Hi ashareena,
Most foundations contain spf products in them, so yes, using foundation and powder should help with sun damage.
Best wishes,

ashareena 17 Feb 2011

hi sweetlemon..thanks for ur very appreciate it

DzooBaby 14 Feb 2011

You can use a foundation and powder together for sunburn proteection but you should also use a sunblock lotion underneath. Most powders and foundations do not have a strong enough SPF to fully protect from sunburn.

ashareena 17 Feb 2011

oo..i see..specially for Asian n I've read that asian need higher spf due to hot weather ..n spf 30 is good enough..but i wonder if it will cause acne coz my skin too sensetive.btw,tq so much...

Inactive 15 Feb 2011

I strongly agree with Dzoobaby, you also need 50spf under the foundation & powder. I have the skin cancer on my nose to prove how careful you need to be Good luck!

ashareena 17 Feb 2011

i Mary,
wow!!spf 50??haha i never heard such a higher spf until 50!hihihi... just at this time i'm used with spf 30 only... mm..i think i must find foundation n powder with 50spf..hehehe..thanks Mary..

Inactive 17 Feb 2011

I actually use kids sunblock. It's almost all spf 50, & my Dermatologist said I shouldn't ever go without it makeup or not. I'm very fair skinned & was a 60 & 70's bikini babe! I buy CVS drugstores called Sport spf 50 Solatec. It's great as a lotion, very water & sweat resistant & hypoallergenic. I don't wear makeup as much anymore since I'm retired, but am in my yard as much as I can be, & they make one that has a clip to attach to your belt or beltloop. It's great! As a warning I've had 3 burned off my nose, have another one, one on my leg & one on my shoulder. (Cancer, that is) Good luck, Mary free discount card

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