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Is it bad for you to take morphine and oxycontin at the same time?

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mpvt 12 Sep 2009

Why would your doctor order the two at the same time. You run the risk of overdose or rrespitory failure as you sleep. I would not be abusing these opiates. They can kill you when all you're trying to do is kill pain. So take what the doctor orders and don't try and self prescribe... Good luck... Dave

bertemus_60 27 Sep 2009

I don't think there is a "bad" yes or no answer. As mvpt said, it is strange the doc is giving both unless 1 is a SR (12 hr time release) and the other is IR (immediate release for breakthrough pain). During the recent oxycodone IR shortage in my area, my doctor had me try the IR Morphine 30mg tables as a substitute. The "bad" for me was horrific headaches which I can only guess was due to the mix of oxycontin and the MS IR tablets. Fortunately the Oxy IR shortage appears to have been resolved so no longer have this issue. I know in the future I'll never mix the 2 again free discount card

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