My boyfriend has a drug use history with heroin and other opiates. He was back and forth in rehabs, hung with all the wrong people, and finally went to jail for 7 months in 2009. Him and I got together before his jail sentence. I am not a drug user and never have been. According to him, he has been clean since july 2009, before he went to jail. Once out in feb 2010, he began a methadone maintenance clinic, and was given weekend take homes after a few months because according to him, good behavior and clean toxes give you take homes so you don't have to go in every morning for the medicine. He fell into a great job, with a boss who is well aware of his past, and who keeps an eye on him and knows what to look for. Since moving in with me, he has completely cut contact with all his old friends (doesn't talk to ANYONE of them), he has maintained his job, and brings home a full paycheck each week so I know he is really going. He gave me full control of his money, and access to see what he is spending, and there is never more than $20 a week unaccounted for (for little things like drinks, snacks, etc), and even then because his money is direct deposited on a card, I can see where it was spent. He is always home, and errands generally take as long as they should (old friends live an hour away, so he can't exaclty randomly see them without me knowing he is gone). Despite this, I worry he is lying and still using. He is sleepy alot and his eyes look small, but I do not know if that is just due to the combination of having to wake up at 5am everyday to make it to the methdone clinic before work, and then work construction all day long. He never seems to do the "normal" indicators of drug use, so I don't know if I am being paranoid and just too tough on him. He is trying to quit smoking, and is struggling, so occassionally he lies about that. He lies, but they are always little things that I catch him in and explain that he would be better off telling the truth (ex. buying a pack of cigs when he said he didnt-stupid stuff). Because of this, I have trouble believing he is not lying about other things. Any advice??? Does it sound like i am just paranoid and he is actually doing ok? Everytime I confront him and ask if he's using, he tells me to please suprise him on random week nights and drug test him, he says drugs ruined his life, and never wants to use again. whenever we go on wknd trips or anything he never runs off or finds excuses to leave anywhere. Any opinions-i'm just concerned that he's really good at being sneaky, and despite my efforts to stay on top of things, he's getting around to doing stupid stuff?? Sorry so long. Thank you