I was seeing this guy "Mark" for over a month. We really clicked and .he was so sweet and always. wanted to see me. One day he told me that he used to do a lot of drugs. And now hes on methadone and never told any girl that. He said that he cant go to rehab b/c he didnt want to lose his job and take time off from work. He said that he was drinking right after rehab last time he was there and then went back to heroin. That same night he said he had to sell pills and we went to two differnt places and he said that he only does it sometimes b/c he knows how they feel cuz he had been there. That night he was in the bathroom a really long time and i knocked on the door and he yelled at me and said dont ever do that again. His mom came in and asked if he was ok too. Things were going well then one day i went to a bar and told my friend about him and his methadone and how hes doing good. The bartender knew Mark and went back and told him. Mark got mad at me and said he never wanted to tal to me again. He said how could u do that i trusted u. I told him to give me another chance and i was just saying how good he was doing. Things were different after and he didnt see me as much or call and ask me how was my day or act concerned anymore. When i went over i layed on his chest and i couldnt hear his heart beat and he was nodding off. He did it before but i was more aware of it now. He would always say what i cant sleep? He would always sleep on his days off when i saw him. And he was still going to bars and drinking. His cigarette was burning to ashes and i told him to wake up. He nodded out again. His leg was shaking and then his whole body was jumping. I didnt think anything of it. He was getting mad over stupid stuff. We were in a store and some guy was checking me out and i didnt even notice and he was getting SO ANGRY. At a family picnic he yelled at his niece for when the dog was not in the yard. It was unnecesary. I felt likei was calling him all the time and he was losing interest. One night i was watching requiem for a dream and i called him and he sounded out of it. he said he was sleeping. I was telling him about how my grandfater misses my grandma and he said what happend with yur grandma? I said i told u. He got quiet and then said..oh yeah. And then i asked him more questions and he sounded out of it. Was it from sleeping or is he using heroin again? So i called him back b/c i was trying to tell from his voice but dumb me said did u ever steal from your family when u were using. He got mad at me and hung up. The next day he sent me a text saying that he changed his mind about us and said sorry if you dont understand. He called the next dday yelling at me saying that i overthink things and cant go with the flow. And that he hasnt used drugs in years so why would i ask him that. I said i wanted to understand him. He said to ask someone else. And that i shouldnt be comparing himto a movie. So is he using or is this just his personality? Im hurt