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Is dilaudid stronger than methadone?

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diamondsandrust 5 Feb 2010

Hi Imp241:
Twenty years ago I was a herion addict and actually used liquid methodone to detox. I had twenty years clean with my husband and he died unexpectedly two years ago. We were married 18 years and when the pain became unbarable I relapsed. I didn't want to return to the life of heroin, and what I'm doing is bad I make no excuses not even the grief. The only reason I am opening up like this is in such a visable forum is so that you could understand that I have extensive experience (unfortunatly) in the department that gives me the knowledge to answer your question. Anyway, rather than revert to heroin, I have been buying and taking 10mg methodone tablets daily for about a year and a half. It kills all of my physical pain as well as emotional. Methodone tablets (depending on the injury) is prescribed by the numbers of pills a day. But unless you've been taking methodone for several months one 10mg pill every 24 hours will kill your pain and keep you high for anywhere from 4-10 hours. Methodone is so strong that it is usually prescribed to be taken every 24 hours. Now you can see how strong it is. However, I do not know what you take, for how long, what your pain issue is, or what your tolerance is. I weigh about 144 and took two meth today at about 1:30 pm. It is 9:30 here now and I still have a buzz. And I have a huge tolerance and have been taking the pills for quite a while now. Remember they are prescribed to be taken every 24 hours. As far as the Dilauded, I have only taken them about 10 times in my life. I personally found them usless by mouth and by snorting. And this was doing two or three at a time (2mg) each. They come in 2,4,8 mg.(I think) But I think they are prescribed to be taken every 4-6 hours. In the hospital if you are on IV they will inject you with it every four hours. They only time I found Dilaudid helpful and even could tell that I had taken something was when I injected it once, which just so happened to be two nights ago. I took 2 (2mg) D's and that experience was wonderful, but only lasted a couple of hours. Anyway. to make what should have been a short answer come to a close, if you are talking about 1 methodone as opposed to 1 D (and remember that I don't know how many pills you are talking about nor do I know the mg of either pill) so I can only answer generically. 1 meth compared to 1 d is much much stronger for pain relief and a buzz. I don't know what your intention is. Unless the D is injected and that is instant and great. (for me, I do not advacate that for anyone) as methodone can not be injected. Anyway, 1 meth lasts 24 hours, 1 D lasts 4-6 at best. Hope my rambling (sorry about that) answer helps you out some. If you need me to clarify anything or explain anything in more depth you can post another question or email me privately if I can be of more help.
Good Luck and Be Safe Diamondsandrust

cherylron 24 Mar 2017

While this comment is 7 years old, I wanted to correct the information posted by diamondsandrust.
Being a heroin addict or someone who used methadone for maintenance treatment does not make you an expert on opiates.
While methadone is a very strong opiate, it is usually prescribed once daily for those on MAT or Medicated Assisted Treatment. Because of the drugs long half-life, it is can be taken once daily without causing withdrawals and helps to decrease cravings. Those taking methadone for heroin addiction do not usually get a buzz or high from the drug.

Those taking methadone for chronic pain are generally dosed every 6-8 hours depending on their level of pain and the dosage. The treatment for pain and the treatment for opiate addiction are not treated the same way.

dsmithfamily 6 Nov 2017

Thank you for the comments very helpful. I take dilaudid 8mg . I have severe neck and lower back damage dealt with for last 5 years. I actually received the best relief from 100mg darvocet until is was removed from market several years ago. Is there anything close to same recipe that is on the market?

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