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Is dilaudid good for gastroparesis?

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pup6767 6 Sep 2011

Heavens no. Narcotics can exacerbate gastroparesis. U should b very careful if u have gastroparesis and use narcotics. If u do suffer from gastroparesis make sure your GI doc knows of the dilaudid.
God Bless...

Tee6759 5 Oct 2011

Listen to Pup is saying. I suffer from gastroparesis as well. My doctors have stated narcotics are very much against any chance of healing we have. Please believe me, I know the pain can be horrible, but narcotics is NOT the answer.

wakenda 10 Feb 2018

I have had Crohns for 43 yrs and gastroparesis for 2.5 yrs. I've used all types of pain meds for Crohn's and many work. For gastroparesis, only Dilaudid works. My stomach does not blow up, the gas is lessened and the pain virtually non existent.
Everyone is different and I know what works for me. No constipation either for me. free discount card

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