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Is Diazepram a narcotic?

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Psyched 18 Apr 2010

Yes it is. It can be habit-forming.

Inactive 18 Apr 2010

Diazepam is going to be a benzodiazepine tranquilizer that is addicting and it will make you sleepy. It can stop seizures in some people, is usually used for anti anxiety, but affords some relief from nerve pain. It is not what most regular people mean when they say narcotic, they are talking about opiates. It is necessary to have a prescription for it.

RemSupreme 19 Apr 2010

its addictive but it is not a narcotic.Narcotics contain opium ingrediants like percoset,codiene,hydrocodiene,but diazapam has nothing to do with opium so its not a narcotic.Alot of ppl think if a drug messes you up its a narcotic,you can look it up in webster dictionary it will say the same thing I said but it is a contrlled 4 substance so there is potential for abuse

Inactive 19 Apr 2010

Yes!!! It is just like alprazolam(xanex)all in the same category.

RemSupreme 19 Apr 2010

yes because its a benzodiazipine and still not a narcotic give a valium to someone in opiate withdrawl and run

Inactive 21 Apr 2010

I am on permanent pain medication (opiates). So I definantly can't comment on the joke but I find valium to be very relaxing If I take like 4 2mg's at once cause I have such a high tolerance for medication I was on xanex for 6yrs. and they definantly dont mix to well with opiate's I was always passing out I looked like a walking coma victim lol. My husband made me stop taking them with my vico's cause I couldn't remember last week to the same day it was horrible so I agreed I would stop. Im definantly much better without them.

christineATU 19 Apr 2010

It can be addicting, it is a controlled substance, but it is not a narcotic.

Rajive Goel 20 Apr 2010

In some countries, is addictive. beware of use.

RemSupreme 21 Apr 2010

Just because it is addictive,doesnt make it a narcotic,its a class 4 schedule drug and im not sure.but there isnt any narcotic in it.A narcotic is opiate if you dont believe me,God forbid they have to do ask for a valium and I hope you like pain

Rajive Goel 22 Apr 2010

Thanks for the information, I dont like pain, but have no choice as I am suffering from edema in my right ankle & the doctor has prescribed tranquilizers to curb the pain & so that I could sleep at night without too much ado. free discount card

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