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Is demerol a safe alternative for those allergic to codiene, morphine etc.?

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nervous nerves 7 Nov 2011

I had halluciations with this medication, and was told that many people have
the same effects. They give it to a lot of people after surgery, and they don't realize that it is the demerol, and not the anesthetic, that is making them feel so out of it. Try it first on a limited basis, before you get a whole prescription filled. You might have to try methadone, although, I have never tried it. Or Tylenol #3 or #4. Also, these are just suggestions, as I have not tried either of them, and do not know your pain level. Hope this helps!

ump44ps 4 Jul 2012

I am allergic to both morphine and codeine I am on Demerol (generic) and flexeril and it works ok but Demerol is being discontinued due to not being good for you ? but the generic brand will be around

Anonymous 4 Jul 2012

Sorry to hear of your drug allergies. I have the same problem with morphine. I use oxycodone & have no problems, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't or couldn't. You can't use tylenol # 3 or # 4 as someone else suggested as this is codeine which you stated you are allergic to. Most doctors don't normally prescribe demerol for chrontic pain if this is what your pain problem is. I have always responded well to it myself, but it not first choice by any means. I will give you a link about it below to read. & there are more links at the bottom of the page. If you sufferf rom chrontic pain, there are other drugs they will most likely try first... Mary free discount card

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