I'm 55. I haven't had a period for approx 10 months. During this 10 month period I've become totally intolerant of alcohol... (hospitalised twice after only one small drink!)
I am also experiencing arthritis symptoms... stiff, puffy/swollen feet and hands and enlarged joints.
I weight 150lb, live in the Caribbean (healthy diet and sun) , windsurf,cycle, weight bearing exercise, no sugar in diet, no fizzy drinks, very little meat.
I've born 2 children.

Q. Can Crinone alleviate or eradicate my symptoms?
If so, what would be the dosage?

I was originally prescribed this gel two years ago, by my doctor in England, to alleviate "hot flushes"... and it worked!

Q. Is a preparation such as Higher Nature... "Mexican Wild Yam" cream as effective as Crinone; does it work on the body in the same way?

I have never taken HRT or indeed the contraceptive pill.
I do not like manufactured medicine.

I would be so grateful for any response to my questions.

Judith St Claire