My 7.5 year old son has ADHD primariy Inattentive type. To date, he has been on Ritalin LA which wore off too soon. When I increased the mg. he was skipping like a record and was twitching. We then went to Focalin and he cried all day. Then we went to Concerta which worked for 4 months and then he got extremely depressed, had dark thoughts , and was anxious and not my son. I have to say this had the worst side effects. Now the doctor has prescribed Metadate CD 10 Mg. and when I looked it up it is compared to Concerta in regards to anxiety and depression??? I was told that Metadate CD is a "lot gentler"?? Does anyone have any feedback. I'm pretty much done with the pharmaceutical roller coaster. Also, does anyone know if there is there a med that works better on Inattentive as opposed to hyper?