I used to be more organized and could complete so many things just in one day. I can't do it anymore! + I became talkative, it's drives people crazy and I can't stay on same topic, takes a minute to find myself talking about something totally different, people can't keep up with me and now they are trying to stay away. They used to like me, now they talking about me behind my back. I lost myself, even, though, adderall helps with the energy I could use a lot in these days. Somebody told me about Concerta, but it was good for her child 10 y.o., and I'm an adult woman 40 y.o. Without stimulants can't stay awake, not matter how much I sleep. All doctors after testing me say that I'm "fine". But I have three kids and young German Shepherd to train, and I'm a Girl scouts leader. I'm taking healthy supplements,eating healthy, do cardio, stretching, play sporty games and run with dog. If I'm healthy, then what is going on? Help!