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Is colonopin better than xanax for anxiety my doctor just switched me?

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mitjason 28 Dec 2009

Klonopin stays in your system longer than xanax does. As far as which one is better it depends on the patient. If you're the type that responds to a longer acting benzodiazepine than Klonopin will work great. If you respond to a more to fast acting benzodiazepine you would be prescribed Xanax. I'm personally taking Xanax. I was prescribed Klonopin when I was a teen for many years. It must of worked because I stayed on it but now I think it didn't work as well as Xanax did for me personally. Wait to see the effect of Klonopin. It might be the medication you need for your anxiety disorder. Also did your doctor ever mentioned trying Xanax XR? You can try that if the Klonopin doesn't work well for you. Happy Holidays!

Femaleprofessional 28 Dec 2009

Well it's a twofold answer. I am a senior VP for a drug and alcohol facality. Our detox nurse is very careful when prescribing. But let's go on another route leaving my work out of this. I am not a fan of Xanax neither are my personal Dr. S or any of my friends or any physcians I've spoken to lately because of the side effects and the patient finds them ineffective. Now DO YOU FIND THAT THEYRE NOT WORKING , as far far as the switch. That's such a radical jump from Xanax to clonpin before trying other antidepressants. Unless you're seriously having panic attacks that are so disruptive to your daily life. It's up to you honestly. I've seen it work if monitored closely WITH COUNSELING AND SUPPORT. AND IVE SEEN IT BECOME HIGHLY ADDICTIVE AND RUIN PEOPLES LIVES either way it's your choice if I were you I'd get a second opinion and have a family member with you whom you trust. You're worth it. GOD ONLY HANDS YOU WHAT YOU TAKE AND CARRIES YOU WHEN YOURE FALLING but you've got friend here who will listen. free discount card

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